by Cassino



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released November 11, 2009

All songs written by Nick Torres and Edward Puckett
All lyrics by Nick Torres
Kingprince was recorded in an apartment in Nashville, TN

Nick Torres- Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Keys
Edward Puckett- Guitar, Harmonica, Organ, Dobro
Tripper Ryder – Bass
Kevin Arrowsmith- Fiddle, Mandolin, Banjo,
Craig Krampf- Drums, Percussion
Andrew Nielson- Organ/keys on “The Ice Factory”



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Cassino Nashville, Tennessee

Cassino is a group that hails from Huntsville, AL. They currently reside in Nashville, TN. They record and release their own music by themselves. They have 2 full lengths and an E.P. of alternate and unreleased versions. They plan to write and record music until they are physically unable to, or until they get bored. ... more

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Track Name: Djom
The avenue is at it again,
with a mouth that swallows men,
and it fills my words with smoke and broke amen’s.
She says “…we’re filling up with embers
And the water tastes like timber
…but I try not to think about it now and then.
And if you’re not whole,
I will stitch that shirt you’re wearing.
And it will cover holes,
and stitch the skin you’re wearing, now and then.”
Track Name: Kingprince
The marionette made its marks, from dragging on the pavement.
The dogs of sleep and sick were tangled in the strings that keep the leverage.
Come on, come with light… Illuminate and drive…
I need to leave what followed me
When I washed in from the sea…
That’s taken so many other lives
With its awful waves….

This Chevrolet is done. It’s sunk into the ground.
Chromes become my dining couch,
The ornament on a broken house,
And the weathers com alive
And it’s leaking inside…
Knocked the breakers paralyzed,
And turned my savings on its side.
It’s taken so many other lives…
With its wild ways
…So my mother says….

Heaven found on my way out

…I took a walk one way…

And with a spark, all the lights in the city started racing
Out interstates and up the buildings, through the walls
and turned so filthy.
And it lights this room that we pay with our lives…Everyday…
To The toll booth of the birds of prey…
Track Name: The Gin War
So tell me dear, where is it you go from here?
As you curse and peel and pose in tears.
Against the wall and across the halls,
across the wards as we both dissolve.
I have this habit of punishing things
that move so fast they grow out wings…
and sneak through houses as we barter for sleep.
I wish I had you in my lungs,
I'd blow you up and block the sun.
And save everyone from this brilliant light we’ve won.
Our bodies got so much clearer
with dirty blood and thirty last calls.
So fill it up and spin forever down the wall,
I throw it up just to watch it fall…
Through the window you looked much sweeter.
Tell me something about a lonely night.
I was burnt by the steam from a better life,
but you lottery touch feels lucky enough…
Refugee hands from a gin war.
I know a place where we can rest tonight,
But when the bombs start falling
You've got to open your eyes…
and I just hope I still have mine…
I just hope that I have….
I wish I had one hundred thousand pounds
I'd crack the ground…
As your struggle for sound leaps from town to town to town.
Share your spoken wealth.
Share your body’s health.
I need it more than I need myself.
I know you’ll leave with the king’s reprieve
…I guess that’s just fine by me…
Track Name: The Ice Factory
A circus noose, another month and the golden goose that
I'll be squeezing forever…
Oh Suzanne... it's been so long since we shared the air.
I need the carpet to move, hold out my hands
hold up the walls for you.
They're rented, but perfect, to fill with sores
…I should know better than that…
I'm running much smoother now
I bought new bones and bigger feet.
The biggest won’t ever be missed…
Suzanne…I'm lucky just to have your name inbounds again.
A year so pale…shimmer and spill…
I don't live so well.
I got caught by all the audits,
but your audience screams so much louder
than those hounds from hell.
A river is building from a leak on the ceiling
but she's got a body holding the water uphill.
Even the lionhearted want
to lay somewhere warm and still.
I'm feeling much smoother now
I bought new skin and bigger gifts…
The biggest almost never miss.
Suzanne…I'm lucky just to have you inbounds again.
Track Name: Maddie Bloom
Maddie’s always moving. She’s flying down the aisles.
Got both hands in her pockets, trying to keep the balance mild.
Her motions like a movie, slicing constant air…
The wires are electrifying her phosphorescent hair.
I have seen the hunger, soaking through your shirt…
Sunken eyes found alive but smashed under the dirt.
So lord give her one more set of hands...
For those dulling rings that I can barely stand.
I hope when I leave, she leaves them buried here,
and they don’t grow into the air.

Sing of soaking through me, on a kitchen chair.
Sing of all the savage tiny bites that blossomed tears.
The glass is always glowing, there’s vacancy out there,
but don’t you ride out very far; you’ll end up everywhere...
So slow…
Speed erodes…
The weight of bother on your body will fall down like snow.
Lord take this telephone in hand.
It’s lost the ring that I once couldn’t stand.
I hope when I leave, I leave it buried here...
And it doesn’t grow into the air…
Track Name: Amelia
Don’t pass through this ragged room.
The cold old floor just creeks, and croons,
and aches as mistakes stampede underneath.
The video screens have learned to see…
Its blue eyes blind…spreading disease with
vitamins from plastic tangerines.
Maybe I’m tumbling…
Maybe I roll with energy…
that I don’t have but need to eat.
We don’t swim….we dive for what we need.
This holy place I’ve come to clean.
You can stare ….or wash with me…
It’s covered in pretty graffiti.
I scraped the faded paint you wear,
and found the walls you washed with care
for the animals that wander out in the street.
Maybe I just don’t keep…
Maybe they hold you with their teeth…
but I know why you feed the week…
The hunger is permanently me.
Amelia, Amelia…make your mark on mine.
And we’ll see what image…forms when they collide.
…and Amelia sank to me…
Track Name: Cannonball
The wheels are heating up to a bend.
And gasoline is leaking out like sin.
It’s been weld together with my dirty hands
…dressed and ready for the party to begin.
I am ready to wait until it begins.
I’m curving as I cannonball ahead...
Oh… I know I can’t go on like that.
So I’ll go….
Straight to bed …
and then on to the next.
I was young when I grew thorns…
And got ripped up from the ground.
…and I have worked my body so thin…
I am ready to wait until it begins.
Track Name: Debrickashaw
Track Name: Boomerang
I'm breaking up for the gravity's won…before it snaps where the warm blood runs.
‘Cause it will flood our bodies soon, and flood this hotel room.
Oh blue collar ruins the rags I wear …
I closed the vents come and claim the air.
And I hope the ceiling gives in…
Since you got a hold of it and skinned it for the look of me
I've got everything coming back …a boomerang of lead.
Baby I've got it bad, “but I can't empty the bed” she said...
The creature that roams the street at night will bite me straight in half.
These sinking shoes will sink me soon…
so hold me up until my feet sink though.
And who dares such a giant leap
where a giant's sleeping?
I hear him breathing…
I hear it up above.
Sick in the attic with my digital love.
And I hope the ceiling's rising…
Since you got a hold of it
and skinned it
for the sound of me…
The creature that's eating
this street at night
is clawing at my back
Track Name: Ghost
How do you make a living, crawling crumbling stairs?
You have some beautiful legs, but the stairs...they just don’t care.
And how you miss your mother, and the way she’s almost there…
I know about the shame from the cyclones that she bares.
In this bed of weeds…grow tall and die with seeds.

Lonely miss aero plane is dropping parts all over the place…
But I still feel you in my clothes, in the cotton… it’s that close...

And of all the floors to stand on, don’t stand on this one here…
It cracked when all the wealth came back and claimed its share.
You’ve cursed the men who built it…
You’ve stomped it straight to tears…
I don’t think you’re built just like it… but beware…
How do you make a living, on musical chairs?
You love those pretty songs, but the chairs…they just don’t care.
In this bed of weeds grow small and die with ease.

Lonely miss aero plane has disappeared been kissed insane,
But I still feel you in my throat when I swallow... it's that close….
Track Name: The Levee
Leroy crow blew overboard, far away from American buoys.
Into alligators and two by fours…and it made a splash that I will always remember.
The hills collapsed into the floor… scared of the sky as it rattles the doors.
They left in horror, and with the lord,
and made a wake that I will always remember.

Many have melted here…
Into a mound of years…
Floating on a loan…
Where the wind don’t blow.
And if you’ve come to blossom here
In the boiling air…
Ill tell you that the levee’s breaking here.

Who could know that the kings own home
was built to float on American bones?
The wood is rotten but the shade is strong…
Leroy Crow is scattered and soaked.
The water turns to lead as it crosses the coast…
Filling his pockets, invading his throat…
He sang a song that ill always remember.
Track Name: The River
The boat that failed its only sail is burning in the river.
It’s heating up the water mains while the rest of the house just shivers.
It’s sinking fast straight through the grass…
A buoyant mask, a medical grasp…
And that was all I had to give her.
But I will take my hands mistakes and stay afloat in the flushing river.
With the smell of your soul and fix the bridge that bowed
From the blows that age delivers.
But I fear collapse as your weight will pass… you know I love you more than you will know…

Something is coming for us, its coming through the vents, for the worst and best…

And so it seems, like old beliefs, we’re struggling in the water.
Fishing for a fish that knows of a way to save the other.
Don’t turn blue, it’s turning the room…
And as it spins the violence coats the walls in bother.
Carousels and comet tails…are somewhere in this river.
…And lonely has lost my mind…