by Cassino



released May 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Cassino Nashville, Tennessee

Cassino is a group that hails from Huntsville, AL. They currently reside in Nashville, TN. They record and release their own music by themselves. They have 2 full lengths and an E.P. of alternate and unreleased versions. They plan to write and record music until they are physically unable to, or until they get bored. ... more

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Track Name: Bottlenecker
Blue eyes burning like a flame
Searing through my skin, blister on the brain
Always fly when the devil’s breaking bread
Supper on the floor, halo overhead
Sunny sky painted on the panes
Shadow on a sheet, pretty little stain
My oh my showered like a saint
Swearing off the rust in the pouring rain

One more bite with a belly full of lead
Leaning on a check, belly up instead
Load so light in your little hand
Laying on the couch, under you like sand
Black sky, planet full of rain
Starving on a bet, ocean full of bait
Belt your song better in a cage
Hummingbird heart, feathers made of blades

Building on the broken earth
Believe in the bricks, stronger that the dirt
Body bent, never show the hurt
Tangled in the door, taking off your skirt
Blue light shining on your face
Slicing through the dark
Sleeping on your waist
Belt your song better in a cage
Hummingbird heart, feathers made of blades
Track Name: Bodygetta
I’ve seen biblical men
Crumble in a digital wind
A decomposing myth
That choked on tiny microchips
They said it’s privilege
I say it’s primitive
We’re the coat check
of the gods and galaxy heads

I’ve gotten a delicate gift
Wrapped in time but slightly ripped

I’ve seen black cocaine
Churning a neon brain
Golden grenades
Tossed in ghettos to the waste
An electric hurricane
Has flooded everything
Turned the seas lame
Turned it’s sailors just the same

And I’ve gotten a terrible itch
my garden’s growing glass and brick
Track Name: Rose of Lee
We’ve ignited into flames
And the furnace is so weak
The rain it failed to come as hailed
So sweat falls on the seeds
What we’ve grown so very slow
Is trampled by relief
You have told of concrete roads
But came home with muddy feet

The grind of lovers into each other
The grinding gears of sleep
The grind of takers taking daughters
To a place to keep
You’ll hibernate
You’ll procreate
And die of atrophy
While skinners like me skim the gutters
And fill their bags with teeth

I can remember planting a rose
But she dried up when the river was low
God will come and the roots grown under
Will pull up slow
It’s this I know…

The cabinets full long ago
Got ravaged clean by what I love most
I let it in to warm its feet
And when it left, like a tornado
Buried my house and scattered my clothes
And I’m still blowing in the breeze
We’ve ignited into flames and I hold you close to me
Our melted parts a work of art I sold like novelty
I float around this empty room and
To put my mind at ease
I map the travel of souls that dabbled in eternity

She says we’ll learn to plunder, and learn to lean
But we all learn to plunder, and learn to leave
Track Name: Alabama Song
The moons under the weather
It’s breathing through its teeth
I was wearing out the cancer
that I caught in sacred sleep
She sings so loud, with notes so proud
Even though they’re not worth keep
They fell in love right in her lungs
I can hear it when she speaks
She said she played the saloons
Until she lost her name
I sometimes play the same ones
Like a demon making change
I am looking for a diamond
In a mine full of reminders
Well she’s just a constellation
That is hidden by the mountain

I know I’ll die violent death
Running from a squall
My mother took a fall
Where Jesus built a wall
My father took a job
Balancing balloons on a saw
My lover was hitchhiker
On a road engulfed in fog
I am looking for a treasure
In a lake too deep to measure
Well she’s is just a constellation
That was named on nameless mountains

There are some things I should say
I tilt a little more each day
I flew so low, like a legless crow
In every town in Ohio
It’s a place I never stayed

Adrianna, I came from Alabama on lease…..

There’s a monster on piano
With a really handsome name
He gambled all his silver
Playing chicken with a train
She’s seen the best, this lioness
I’ve ate her weight in pain
She smiles slow
Just to show
That things could be ok…
I am sailing with Madonna
In an ocean of piranha
Well she’s just a constellation
Off the tip of tallest mountains
Track Name: Acrobat
Her dress hangs like honey
Off her shoulders and across her back
Her skin is glittering
Her eyes like stained glass
That slip is a scalpel
In a chapel of broken hits
It carves or it fixes
But it always makes a mess

My love was drug home
By barbarians of debt
She says I was never
An acrobat of men

I was baptized in moonlight
The rays barely lengthened my limbs
Your songs are silhouettes
A parade of broken vets
And the ground’s grown so soft
As I fish on the river I rent
It’s so hard to stay up right
So I wade back through the stench
And swim

And I scoured the hillsides
For heaven hiding from hell
And I found not one noun
For they both were adjectives

And my love was drug home
By barbarians of debt
Their chains I remember
The pain I can’t forget
Track Name: Mirrorball
The Ballroom is packed with wounded eagles
Stitches raw, bloody claws that are barely legal
She dropped in like a mirrorball in heels
Always vicious in goodbyes, and easy to kneel
I said when you talk it’s your tongue it never healed
You wrapped your lies in razor wire for years and years
And now we’re both just mannequins that feel
Every night I try to seal your mausoleum

Broken trust
At a Broken address
Half dressed shingles on a two room cabinet
They say you sank slow to somewhere deeper south
Selling cotton from a rotten cotton mouth

I feel it’s getting close to the end
And our time has no bookend or a bed
It will leave you to your ledge of regret
And it’s burning like a quit lit cigarette