Sounds Of Salvation

by Cassino



released March 29, 2007



all rights reserved


Cassino Nashville, Tennessee

Cassino is a group that hails from Huntsville, AL. They currently reside in Nashville, TN. They record and release their own music by themselves. They have 2 full lengths and an E.P. of alternate and unreleased versions. They plan to write and record music until they are physically unable to, or until they get bored. ... more

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Track Name: Governor
Wait... Theres something up ahead
I've seen its claws
I can see the marks it left
Well fed and eating with a thousand hands
This coma of factory and bars won't last it's numbing power and it's never-ending winding heart
So climb what you can before its gone...
And always carry in your lungs the prettiest voice from drowing as you drag this swamp
'cause the smell will stay with you for so long
The past can only stretch for so long...
The last can only stretch
So long... so long... so long...
So we wait, untill it's overhead
Untill the sky falls and the sun takes us all
Track Name: The Old year
She leaps higher than the scale
and then falls like iron and screaming air,right down in front of me
I don't know how it came to this I am so scarred up with cigarettes... Cigarettes and leaks
But I know I'll always stay possessed like some preacher to a crucifix
if you drive your nails into me
We're sitting on the floor in a pile
trading our arms for some wings of harm
I am god dammed
Been blown from the hinge And I can now barely stand
Oh Jaelyn I can
Oh I can feel you like the wind
The beatings that rotation brings has us bedding down on anything
But as our shrinking lives collide and ring the sound is beautiful and learn
I never planned to live like this
empty vaults a rolling kiss
Oh I never plan on anything
Sitting on the floor in a smile I'm tearing apart
Like poverty art
you are God sent
Been blown from the hinge
And I can now barely stand
Oh Jaelyn I can Oh I can feel you like the wind

I fear its getting close to the end
I can feel it in the warm ailing wind
She says I don't want to think about
that cause I am married to imaginary friends
So come on... Come on in
Track Name: American Low
Oh this hurricane's blowing us thin
This never ending swirl of American sin
Where I strayed on my knees to a bottomless cage
Where they throw dollar bills and hope to be saved
The poshest scarf on the warmest day
Its enough to make you give up...she says...
I know I know I know it shows

As we sleep in this broken Cadillac
We watch the world leave it doesn't look back
I gotta say that when my heart attacks
Don't return will fire right back...
So let's just lie here as they paint us black

Oh this earthquake is shaking our hands
Free at the wrists just as we started a dance
The hardest thing next to diamond rings
Is the coats we have to wear just to make ends meet
I got this year and fifty more to beat
Its enough to make you give up...she says
I know.. I know ..I let go

The nervous ticks only the holy get
The country treats as the cities get sick
The lunatics and the Harlem tricks
The country treats as we all get sick
Track Name: New Jerusalem
She keeps a bottle hanging like religon
right underneath the bed
She pours it in the sheets and vents...
Combats the awful things we did

Snakes and Plagues and her former slaves
are arising from the dead...
She grinds her heels as we bottom out...
..the horrible years we were fed...

And as the lights double back again...
We curse the man who invented them

I see a little bit of you in everything
Blowing up like jerusalem in me
How I'm in love with everything..
The girl with the golden back

Give me love in a telescope
and beat your heart like a marching band
oh I could bludgeon it
or bottle it...
or beat it back to bed...

But bleeding bleeds much safer streets
so pick up that bandaged dress..
and put the polish down
and leave the crooked ground..
You look infinite at best...

and as time gives god a rest..
we better bind our better halves...

I store a little bit of heaven everywhere
Even with the cabinets so dirty and bare
How im in love with everything
The Girl with the golden back
Track Name: Tin Man's Throne
Father time fell ill to night
Fight the war with the windows tight
And my tin throne's blown to kingdom come
Now I need you here so I can I move my bones

For all the horror, for all the stains
All of over the walls
All of over my brain...

Father time fell ill tonight
The fire waters burning all too bright
But she knows that and knows the path
The roads I run have drilled a hole in the world

The television paints a tunneled picture
So pile on the bend as the walls grow thicker
And carry on the end....

Father time is shivering cold
Searching the hills for sex and gold
I ran my body straight out my soul
It hurt so bad I sank into her
And got lost in the weight of one

Father time took off tonight
Left mother nature to grow and die
The rain machines now raining fire
I sold all my water just to stay alive

And I am feeling so, so tired
And I am feeling so....
Track Name: Platano
I've got these hands and Ive got some oxygen...
I just don't know what to do with it.
Brandy tricks and treats the knees and I fell for it...
Somehow they say this doll will sway and
Swing between the universe and me
We'll spend our days fast and grey...
Trying not to drink the sea.
We're so stout and double faced...
Becoming prophets everyday with a gospel
Of how we grooved and all the breath that it removed

The rebellion is over...
The colors are much bolder...
And the emperor's new clothes sag...

I'll try my best, I'll make it fit...
But the more it grinds the worse it gets...
I watch it shake my hold of it...
The more it runs the more tired I get...

Take all of space, the earth and how it tastes
I never loved it anyways...
We fought the rain with the heaviest chains
Hoping to drown or float away...
Everything you could have been...
Has been rebuilt with gauze and tin
What I want is just to get on
Never get off
Never move on

And I don't have a single cell to pawn...
To the tricks the devil trips us on

We arm this room and get left in empty tombs...
As the invisible break through
Screaming I know how to make this easier...
...I can make it easier...
I can make it
Track Name: The Gin war
So tell me dear where is it you go from here?
As you curse and peel and pose in tears
Against the wall and across the hall...
Across the wards as we both dissolve
I have this habit of punishing things
That move so fast they grow out wings
That sneaks through houses as we barter for sleep...
(So just let me hide)

I wish I had you in my lungs
Id blow you up...and block the sun
To save everyone from this brilliant light we've won

And our bodies got so much clearer
With dirty blood and thirty last calls
So fill it up and spin forever down the wall
I throw it up just to watch it fall

Through the window you looked much sweeter

"Tell me something bout a lonely night"
Burnt by the steam from a better life...
But your lottery touch feels lucky enough
Refugee hands from a gin war...
I know a place where we can rest tonight
But when the bombs start falling... you've got to open your eyes
And I just hope that I have mine
I just hope that I have...

I wish I had one hundred thousand pounds
Id crack the ground as your struggle for sound leaps
From town to town to town

Share your spoken wealth
Share your body's health
I need it more than I need myself
I know you'll leave with the king's reprieve
I guess that's just fine by me

Through the window you tasted much sweeter
Track Name: Lolita
she's got the songs of sirens
she's got it all
painted so humbly over the bathroom wall
but the porcelain drips
and she breaks up so quick
and now I'm left with the bastard of the ambassador's lips

I love her
she's perfect all over
Built like a bridge made of four leaf clovers
Throwing winks to a monster that keeps them forever
to have in pockets and lockets
that will float as she drowns

I know that it's almost over
but it keeps starting over

And I know this beautiful belle
that rings just for money
as the sound moves her body
And I hope they treat you well
cause there are no words that can save us

Lolita on fire
I'm feeling so old and tired
But her eyes are unfrozen filled with admire
She sells like liquor
as the planet gets thicker
It gets so much heavier the closer
that we stand
And i know that music is over
but it keeps starting over
Thats how it goes

So come on
come around
my new engine of love
Watch it roll over
watch it move the ground
they found her
with love
all around her
Tied to a vile full of life's cheapest eyeliner
Track Name: Boomerang
I'm breaking up for the gravity's won
before it snaps
where the warm blood runs
Cause it will flood our bodies soon
flood this hotel room
Oh blue collar ruins the rags i wear
I closed the vents
come and claim the air
And I hope the ceiling gives in

Since you got a hold of it
and skinned it for the look of me
I've got everything coming back
A boomerang of lead
Baby I've got it bad
But I can't empty the bed she said
The creature that roams the street at night
will bite me straight in half

These sinking shoes will sink me soon
so hold me up intill my feet sink though
And who dares such a giant leap
where a giant's sleeping?
I hear it breathing
I hear it up above
Sick in the attic with mt digital love
And i fear the ceiling's rising

Since you got a hold of it
and skinned it
for the sound of me ...

The creature that's eating
this street at night
is clawing at my back
Track Name: The Ice Factory
A circus noose
another month and the golden goose
that I'll be squeezing forever
oh Suzanne...
it's been so long since we shared the air

I need the carpet to move
hold out my hands
hold up the walls for you
they're rented, but perfect
to fill with sores
I should know better than that

I'm running much smoother now
I bought new bones and bigger feet
the biggest won't ever be missed
I'm lucky just to have your name inbounds again, again

a year so pale
shimmer and spill
I don't live so well
caught by all the audits
but your audience screams so much louder than those hounds from hell

a river is building from a leak on the ceiling
but she's got a body holding the water uphill
even the lionhearted want to lay somewhere warm and still

I'm feeling much smoother now
I bought new skin and bigger gifts
the biggest almost never miss
I'm lucky just to have your name inbounds again